Greptile can be configured to trigger a review:

  1. For all PRs
  2. PRs in certain workspaces, projects, teams, or labels
  3. PRs that mention @greptile in the body

Greptile summarizes the changes in the PR, suggests potential issues and unforeseen consequences of the changes, and where relevant, comments on specific diffs.

Click here to see a sample PR review on twentyhq/twenty! ->

Example PR diff comment ->


Click here to install the PR Review bot. Once you have installed the bot, you can use the same link to configure the bot.

Configuration includes:

  1. Setting up triggers, for example @mentions, or certain filters like workspace, project, team, or label.
  2. Setting target repositories for the bot to review PRs for.
  3. Optional: Providing “special instructions” for the bot to follow, for example, “Include a section on compliance implications of the changes in the PR.”.

For Greptile to reference repos, they must first be indexed, which can be done by submitting them through the frontend here.

Why is it useful?

Greptile’s PR Review bot writes comments that:

  1. Are context-aware, so can discuss the implications of the changes to the wider codebase.
  2. Can address potential security or compliance issues produced by the changes.
  3. Summarize the changes with code-base context, making it far easier for a human reviewer to contextualize and parse the changes.
  4. Reference similar code or abstractions related to the changes that are already in the codebase, to prevent repition.

Click here to install the PR bot.