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Greptile is a platform that can search and understand complex codebases in natural language.

There are broadly three ways to use Greptile -

Regardless of how you use Greptile, the overall flow looks like this:

  1. Obtain API key and GitHub token: one-time, takes 5 minutes. API support for GitLab and Azure Devops is coming soon.
  2. Submit repository for indexing: one-time, takes 5-50 minutes depending on codebase size, auto-updates index on every push.
  3. Query in natural language: answers with full-codebase context in <3 seconds, responses can be streamed.


We believe that full codebase-context is the core problem in building AI developer tools. With reliable, full codebase context, developers can build unlimited tooling, from PR review bots, to JIRA ticket annotators, to Slackbots to answer questions about the source code, and much, much more.

Our mission at Greptile is to provide developers with that infrastructure as an easy-to-use API.

What will you build?

Here are some examples of internal tools you can build for your team with Greptile’s API:

…the possibilities are endless!