Greptile can be configured to trigger a comment:

  1. For all issues
  2. Issues in certain workspaces, projects, teams, or labels
  3. Issues that mention @greptile in the body


Click here to install the Linear bot. Once you have installed the bot, you can use the same link to configure the bot.

Configuration includes:

  1. Setting up triggers, for example @mentions, or certain filters like workspace, project, team, or label.
  2. Setting reference repositories, so the bot can provide context-aware comments.
  3. Optional: Providing “special instructions” for the bot to follow, for example, “Include a section on compliance implications”.

For Greptile to reference repos, they must first be indexed, which can be done by submitting them through the frontend here.

Why is it useful?

Greptile’s Linear bot writes comments that:

  1. Cover how to do the issue, so engineers can quickly get context and start the issue.
  2. Link to relevant files in the codebase, so engineers know where to start looking.
  3. Cover potential implications top security, stability, or potential bugs this issue could introduce elsehwere in the codebase.
  4. Reference similar code or abstractions related to the issue that are already in the codebase, to prevent repition.

Click here to install the Linear bot.