You can interact with Greptile’s Slackbot by:

  1. Directly messaging the Bot
  2. Invoking the Bot in a channel by mentioning @greptile
  3. Setting up to respond to all questions in a particular slack channel, usually #engineering-support or equivalent.


Click here to install the Slackbot. Once you have installed the bot, you can use the same link to configure the bot.

Configuration includes:

  1. Setting up triggers, for example @mentions, or all messages in a specific #channel.
  2. Setting reference repositories, so the bot can provide context-aware answers.
  3. Optional: Providing “special instructions” for the bot to follow, for example, “Answer in 1-2 sentences only”.

For Greptile to reference repos, they must first be indexed, which can be done by submitting them through the frontend here.