We now have a first party integration with Linear! Check it out here. These steps still apply to other Zapier integrations.

Greptile + Linear

As a software engineer I would often feel lost when I first looked at a ticket assigned to me. Today, we will integrate Greptile with your task manager (in this example, Linear) so every time a new ticket is created, Greptile will add a comment with context from the codebase, including specific file paths relevant to the task.

Here’s what that will look like:

Set up Zapier


Create a Zapier account

Go to zapier.com and create an account.


Create a new Zap

Click on the + Create button and select Zaps

Add Blocks

Add event blocks exactly as shown in this image:

  1. New Issue in Linear: This block is triggered when a new issue is created in Linear. You will need to follow instructions in this block to connect your Linear account.
  2. Webhooks, Custom Request: This is where the request to the Greptile API is made. More detail on this below.
  3. Formatter: This is to seperate the filepaths returned by the Greptile API with newlines.
  4. Create Comment in Linear: This adds the Greptile comment to the original Linear task that triggered this run.

Calling the Greptile API

Set Event to Custom Request

Configure Request Options

URL -> https://app.greptile.com/v2/query

Paste this object into body and insert the Linear title and description

This is what you should paste in:

         "id": "00000", // optional
         "content":"Generate 3 extremely concise bullet point instructions for the following task.",
         "id": "00001", // optional
         // Use "Insert Data ..." here

Once you insert the data from the Linear event block, it should look like this:


Configure the headers like this:

  1. Get your Greptile API key here
  2. Get your GitHub Access Token here

Remember to add "Bearer" to the Authorization header value.

Format and Add Linear Comment

Easy last step, configure the final two blocks.

  1. Format: This is optional, but I wanted my source filepaths to show up as newline seperated, so I used Formatter to do that.
  2. Add Comment: In this Linear block, simply configure it with the Issue Id of the original task, and add the message from the Greptile API as the body.

This is what that should look like:

That’s it! Test the Zap and within 20-25 seconds of creating a new ticket in Linear, you should see a comment from Greptile adding helpful context!

Build this yourself? Tell us and we’ll send you free Greptile swag!