Greptile’s API can be used to build tools to augment every step of your software development lifecycle using AI, from when you create a ticket to when you merge your code and update your docs.

Here are some examples, sorted by steps in the software development life cycle.

Planning & Design

Task Enricher

Integrate Greptile with GitHub Issues, Linear, Jira, Asana etc. to automatically add codebase context to every new ticket, detailing how to get started with the ticket, what files to look, etc.

Design Doc Reviewer

Integrate Greptile with Quip or Google Docs so it can provide codebase context-aware comments, catching gaps and recommending things to consider before you start programming.


Q&A Slackbot

Greptile can answer your teams questions about your source code, right in your Slack!

Intelligent Debugger

Integrate with your debugger to automatically get codebase context-aware tips for where errors might be coming from!

Commit message generator

Integrate Greptile with git to auto-generate a comprehensive, codebase context-aware commit message. Future developers will thank you!

Testing & Integration

Test Writer

Greptile’s API can generate new tests for each push, simply integrate it with GitHub/Gitlab etc. and configure the app to use Greptile to generate tests on every major code change.

AI PR Review Bot

Integrate Greptile’s API with GitHub and get intelligent, codebase context-aware comments on every PR. The added context can vastly speed up the review process, and catch potential issues that human reviewers might not!

Auto Doc Updater

Integrate Greptile with GitHub, Confluence, or Notion, so Greptile can automatically update your docs when new code is pushed. With full codebase context, the docs are informed and relevant!

Changelog Writer

Integrate Greptile with your docs pipeline to auto-generate changelogs for every version. Simply pass in the diff and commit message, and Greptile will use it’s codebase context awareness to write an informative, complete changelog!


Incident Report Enricher

Integrate with Sentry or Cloudwatch to get an slack messages/emails with potential diagnosis, relevant code references to investigate, and useful context in the event of an outage.

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